Event Accommodation

An online hotel booking tool for your event

Delegatehotels.com is our dedicated event accommodation solution, providing online booking portals for conference, convention and event planners to outsource their hotel reservations for delegates attending events.

Why outsource your hotel programme?

  • No cost
  • No risk
  • Income generating potential*
  • Real-time availability for last minute bookings
  • Global hotel programme with over 250,000 hotels
  • Delegates select and book their own accommodation

Our bespoke, simple and easy to use booking tool, is an online portal that shows all the latest live hotel availability, and what’s more, it can also manage allocations or preferred event rates too.

Using your event venue or the town or city as the central destination, a location map will display all the available hotels in the area and their rates.

Once the user has identified where they want to stay, it’s a simple 4 click process to receiving their booking confirmation.

All you need to do is provide us with the location/venue address, the dates of your event and any text or images that you would like to use. We will create a beautiful, bespoke booking page for your event with a unique link for you to email out to guests, or simply drop the link into your own event webpage, social media feed or include with joining instructions.

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*dependant on event size, please contact us for further information